Supplier Terms of Service


Article 1.

1.1. Under these General Terms and Conditions, undertakes to offer organizers product(s) in form of client acquisition and selling of placements/client participations to the services provided by the organizer, both guided and un-guided tourist programs, shows and sightseeing tours

Article 2.


2.1. The organizer has submitted to the full and valid specification of offered services in question which are made available for selling by the organizer to his clients. The organizer price list is declared final, net and binding and clients of shall not be subject to any surcharges or additional fees by the organizer and/or and other third party involved unless such a fee or surcharge is duly specified in the program specification defining the product.

2.2. The organiser may, subject to objective changes in the business environment beyond its own control, unilaterally change the contractual prices, provided is kept informed of the coming price or any other change associated with the organizers Product/Service well in advance. All bookings made prior to the price change will remain valid and the price change shell not be a valid reason for cancellation of booked services.

2.3. Reservation procedures to be followed. The Parties have agreed on the below specified booking features: All services will be booked by the official booking email or telephone of the organizer as stated in the article 8. Telephone bookings must be, under any circumstances, followed by an e-mail as a formal order.

2.4., in sale of a placement to his client, is authorized to utilize his own sales administrative form (voucher) which will be sent to the client and to the organizer by email. The organiser confirms to accept clients to use the service with those VOUCHERS even if the client presents the voucher in an electronic form (ex. on a tablet or a smartphone).

2.5. undertakes to book placement(s) by phone and/or in writing in the organizers program/tour and commits to provide his client(s) with all available information and documentation/program leaflets pertaining to sold program including information regarding pick-up/bus boarding time and location and/or entrance time and location.

2.6. All materials describing the services sent to by the organizer in written form is a contractual obligation of the organizer for the services provided.

2.7. The organizer guarantees that it has all the required permits, registrations and is in accordance with all regulations that allow him to organize and sell the provided services

2.8. The organiser guarantees that all tours offered are organized by him, meaning that the tour is at least partially operated by the organizers company resources (human or physical), or the tour is organized from at least from two different services from different service providers.

Article 3.


3.1. The Payment by is based on the invoice of the organiser accompanied at every case and in all times by detailed specification of services sold by on behalf of the organizer. The organizers commercial invoice along with the mandatory attachment shall be delivered to by e-mail to the e-mail address , after the end of the program unless agreed by the Contractual Parties otherwise.

3.2. The commercial invoice shall include all information required by applicable pending laws as specified in the residence country of the organizer, including those, wherever applicable, pertaining to VAT tax. The invoice must include clear and readable names and contacts to invoice issuer and person signing the invoice for the organizer and the same for the counterparty financial officer within the Organizer’s organization in any and every case. In case, the organizers invoice is in conflict with the above legal and contractual requirements, has unlimited right to return unpaid faulty commercial invoice for its revision and/or completion. Ensuing delay in payment shall be considered issuing party´s fault by both Contractual Parties and excludes any right on behalf of the organizers to claim penalties, damages or any other sanctions from the Partner.

3.3. Each and every invoice is due within 14 (fourteen) calendar days since the date of receipt from . The determining payment execution date is the date of fund transfer as documented by the receiving bank of the organiser.

3.4. The payments will be made to the bank account as specified by the invoice that the organiser sent to , from bank account in Croatia.

3.5. In case of international bank money transactions, the organiser agrees to take charge of all bank fees that arise from the transaction.

Article 4.


4.1. is entitled to cancel standing order no less than 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the scheduled start time and date of service ordered free of charge. In case, cancels its order in less than 24 hour timeframe stipulated above, the organizer is entitled to invoice and the Partner undertakes to pay in full (100% of the service price) for the ordered service as organizer performed and supplied its relevant service in full scope to

Article 5.


5.1. The organizer commits to:

  • Supply with adequate tour programs, descriptions, images and other important information relevant to the Product(s) to for his acquisition and sales activities and keep up to date if any changes should be made to the program
  • Deliver its means of transportation, to agree upon pick up point in time, clean and tidy, with adequate seating capacity to satisfy order.
  • client(s) shall be in each and every case of the first boarding respectfully greeted by organizers tour guide and/or trained and experienced bus driver. The tour guide shall be at all times properly dressed, well behaved and clean. Further, the tour guide shall be a trained tour guide professional, experienced and fluent in the language specified by order. The tour guide shall keep in contact with its clients and service his clients for the scheduled duration of program/tour without interruptions. In each and every case, the organizer shall exert maximum efforts in the framework of feasible, to keep planned time schedule, program sequence, planned check out time including splits and mandatory intermissions for the driver.
  • In case the organizer’s tour includes planned and foreseen entrance(s) into various places of interest or includes other services within the visited places, entry to such places is free for the organizer’s clients as associated costs are part of the organizer’s product price. If any entrance fee applies due to unforeseen nature of client´s desires or any other reasons, the client must be informed of necessity to pay for out of program fee well in advance and in a distinct and easy understandable way by either tour guide or bus driver.
  • In case of unforeseen tour plan changes or emergencies of any kind, the organizer is obliged to inform without any delay and in full.
  • Keep due, correct, complete and itemized records on ordered, sold and consumed organizer’s product(s)/programs by as an undisputable basis for correct financial settlement between the Parties

5.2. commits to:

  • Advertise and sell the organizer’s product(s) and service(s) exactly as specified by organizer including the prices set by the organizer.
  • Keep due, correct, complete and itemized records on their orders, placements/number of visitors, cancellations, in general, on ordered, sold and consumed organizer product(s)/programs by (as an undisputable basis for correct financial settlement between the Parties
  • Inform the organizer of any order changes as receives them from their clients

Article 6.


6.1. In case of an service disruption caused by either the organizer’s failure or third party/force majeure preventing the organizer perform, the parties agree to consult the nature and reasons of arisen problems first and without any delay, and subject to their joint and clearly defined position/solution reached by undersigned statutory representatives of both parties, the Partner is entitled to refund its clients adequate part of the price of ordered and paid for services that failed to be duly delivered or quality of which has been significantly impaired in comparison to the advertised services by the organizer.
Further, the Partner is entitled, subject to Service Provider´s consent, to offer his damaged client(s) appropriate damage compensation. The Service Provider agrees to carry the costs of such emergency and service disruption managing operation in appropriate scope and in the amount agreed to by consent of both Parties. The Parties understand that the above unwelcome situations are scarce, their solutions call for flawless, immediate and full in scope exchange of information, perfect cooperation in damage control and solution finding, and evolving rapid action of both Parties to prevent further damages, beside those financial. The Parties pledge constructive cooperation in emergency and service disruption situations.

6.2. In case of an accident, injury, theft or other problems that occur to client(s) during the use of the services supplied by the organizer, the organizer agrees to take full responsibility and will continue to follow the dispute directly with the clients.

Article 7.


7.1. Either Party has the unlimited right to unilaterally terminate the co-operation established by a Contract in writing without specification of reasons for such an action. The Contract shall become invalid after 60 (sixty) calendar days since the first working day of a calendar month following the calendar month in course of which written Contract termination notice has been delivered to the other Contractual Party.

7.3. All written correspondence between the Contractual Parties shall be directed to Contractual Parties addresses provided above. The organizer is free to use e-mail addresses: Mail incoming later than at 4 P.M. shall be deemed delivered on the next working day.